The Wafi Mall was opened in 1991 and it’s one of the first of the many malls that subsequently grew in Dubai. It has different varieties of Restaurants , ranging from Italian, Indian, local Emarati and Lebanese etc. They even have a Tennis court, a wellness Spa which is called the Cleopatra Spa and this mall is connected to a Raffles Dubai Hotel.

Aside from that, you will see also in this mall the “Ripleys believe it or not “ stuff and it’s so exciting that I recommend that every visitor that comes should not miss to see this rather unique and beautiful place. It has a style of its own that’s not common and the inherited pattern of its construction appears to emerge from ancient Egypt.

All in all : Wafi Mall – a MUST see place 🙂

Entrance of the Mall:

Ripley’s Believe it or Not display:

A ‘Bamboo Toothpick Capital’ is built out of 250,000 bamboo splinters and uses no glue to keep its pieces together.

The Karnak Temple inspired ceiling and the 670x487cm portrait of Van Gogh which is made only out of post cards.

The T-Rex Dinosaur is built out of tires.

Walter Hudson is from New York and recognize as the worlds heaviest man in 1987. His weight nearly 1,400 pounds and it took eight firefighters to rescue him when he fell from the doorway.

The Five Legs Cow

Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt

The Dragon Boat

Hardware Horse which is made up by recycled piano parts.

The Incredible Hulk is made by recycled metal.

The Scooter made out of wood.

Check out also the Khan Murjan Souk which is inspired by infamous ancient subterranean souk in Baghdad, and draws on all four corners of the Arab world, with influences from Egyptian, Syrian, Turkish and Moroccan architectural styles.

And last but not the least, try the traditionally Arabic delicious ice cream at Al Sharq Arabic Sweets.

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