In ancient Egypt the land of the Pharaohs, Giza houses and the world famous Pyramids which are listed among the seven wonders of the world. 
Giza  is located on the southwest side of Cairo , the Capitol city, alongside the Sphinx – the most iconic image of Egypt. 
Giza  is a short ride from  Cairo airport , but the duration of time it takes to reach there can be very unpredictable, as the traffic is terribly unruly, and it can be dangerous or unruly  if you are considering to drive yourself. I suggest to those not accustomed to local driving conditions, seriously only take a taxi – or better a Train- from the airport.
Entry Visa Fee
There are  three (3) main Pyramids of Giza , representing the burial grounds of the three main Pharaohs namely Khufu, Khafree and Menkaure. In addition there is  the Sphinx, plus the ruins of the ancient houses of Pharaohs, including a cemetery ,containing the interments of the lesser queens, their family members and other Egyptians nobles. 
Remember , Giza had  served as the elite city of the Old Kingdom capital of Egypt at nearby Memphis during the mid to late 4th Dynasty (late 3rd millennium BCE).

Pyramids of Giza:

Tour travel tips:

1.Of course nothing in Egypt comes free, except perhaps ‘smiles’  that still remain gratis (lol).  

There are different charges for foreigners as opposed to local Egyptians, for the obvious reasons.
There’s a general admission charge to see the Pyramids, but it doesn’t take you right  inside the pyramids so please make sure that you get all the right tickets for the type of excursion that you have in mind..
Entrance Prices:
80 Egyptian Pounds for Adult entrance, Students 40, Photography ticket 50, Video ticket 300, and  a further 200 if you wish to go inside only the great pyramid plus  additional fees if you wish to see the inside of  the other pyramids, ofcourse.

Inside the Pyramid

Inside the House of Pharaohs

2. My suggestion is to choose your  hotel wisely ; you really need to select the room with a view of the pyramids because it has stunning sunrise and sunset views from the ‘right’ hotels😻😻😻. 

Avoid congested places, as these can be a bit smelly with all the camels and other animals around. You could get a taste of the wonderful scenery from afar.😻

Taken from “Best View Hotel” in Giza

3. Cairo is congested and full of traffic jams. Traffic moves slowly, and sometimes at a snail’s pace. To avoid disappointment, make sure to get there early in the day and avoid the long queues.

4. Take the right tour guide. There’s so many people pretending to be  tour guides, and some of them are just fakes; make sure that you select the authorized  tour guide that can enrich your experience with a great deal of  history.

We took camel ride from our hotel to go around the pyramids.

On the way to the pyramid

5. Dress appropriately not just for the weather, but also  to respect the prevalent  Muslim culture : avoid mini skirts, and short blouses with tight jeans. Wear loose clothing for the weather, and if you are wearing jeans, or trousers,  its best to wear long blouses or shirts that cover you appropriately just above your knees.

6. Its best to carry a bottle or two of your own mineral water with you on these tours.

Horses and camels around the Giza

7. Wear flat shoes or sandals or joggers as you will be covering a lot of distance on foot.
8. They will not permit you to climb high the pyramids for your own  safety.

9. Be careful of the scammers and keep an optic on your belongings.

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Evening Show: we watch it from our hotel terrace.

I am always happy and excited to share my travel and other experiences  with you –  the reader – and I do hope that I make a contribution to make your own  future visits easier and better.  I have visited Egypt twice, and seen such wonderful places of interest. There is so much to see for the traveler. Giza is only one such part!
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