As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, let me talk about how to sustain a “Long Distance Relationship” or LDR.

We all know that Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love is the greatest gift that we will ever have in our time on Earth …Love comes to us either from our  families , or friends or from our very special boyfriend/girlfriend.

To maintain a LDR  is tough, but rather than break it up as soon as you travel away, I believe if the relationship has strong love, then it’s worthwhile  to wait and work on it. When you are away from each other, you will miss each other: you will  have those lonely nights…missing the presence of each other. Even  the familiar music that  you hear will always remind you of the moments when you were together. Its not easy to live a  thousand miles of distance away from each other ; but be positive, if there is love, then it will work.

The most significant and critical thing in a long distance relationship is “communication”. You need to communicate with each other regularly and consistently. You would need to figure out what time is going to suit both of you to manage a ‘special couple time’. You would need to schedule a regular time to chat online like in What’s up, Instagram, Facebook and video calls over Skype. You can even play mobile or computer games with each other – if you both love to play games. This creates the much required bonding in a relationship. The  ‘new generation’ love becomes easier to stay in touch with your loved ones… thanks to the new technology. 

Being far away from each other doesn’t imply that you will not have your usual life’s ups and downs too, so you both should support and care for each other. Do make  each other  feel like you are  just right next to each other. If there’s an occasion that requires a celebration, do let each other know that you care : and do send them something special – a nicely worded message, a card or even a small present, that makes them feel special. Or even better – send yourself☺😁

Trust and being honest with each other is an absolute MUST, in order  to stay in a relationship. If it seems like you’re hiding something, your partner might feel suspicious, that usually leads to many problems in the relationship. Avoid creating jealousy, and make sure that you are always open to discuss problems, and solve them easily by being frank and transparent .

Last but not the least you should have plans for your next meeting. You may wish to both travel together somewhere or to see your family or friends. Also plan for your future, so that  both of you  can be together forever😁😻😻🥰❤

PS: Long Distance is nothing for two people who truly love each other… love always wins! Advance Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers out there, especially to the people who can relate to me❤️🥰🥰🥰