In everyone’s lives there are good and bad times : that’s life: it’s never the same : always cyclical!

The bad days are there primarily to teach us a lesson – they make us realise many things mostly about ourselves – our weaknesses, our failings , but nature has ordained it as such that the bad times usually never last for ever : they are there for a purpose : to make us stronger!

And the good days – when we are feeling fulfilled , the days when we have spring in our feet, when we consider humanity to be on our side – the days when the sun shines bright and there are stars in the skies , and stars in the eyes of those we love 💕 and care for – those days are all there to remind us how blessed we are!!

In all these ups and down we learn that when things are going right for us be grateful / feel blessed!

And when things are going wrong, remind yourself that this is a test from God above . Tell yourself that these days will pass.. and at the end of it you will emerge stronger!

In all these times, good or bad , be thankful to God! And look down and appreciate what you have: your hands, your feet and the gift of sight! Always keep your chin up and be grateful for God’s blessings which is life itself – in every way!

God bless everyone!!!🌻🌻🌻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

(This picture is taken from the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE)

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