Richard and I decided to travel from Dubai to Oman just a day before Halloween(oh spooky😅 👻). It would be useful for travelers to know that if you plan to travel to Oman by taking a bus, you can buy the ticket in Mwasalat at Deira-it’s right behind DNATA Travel. Also useful to know the bus timings: it leaves Dubai at 7.30am, 3.30pm and 11pm from the local office to reach Azaiba station in Muscat and it cost 55 AED per person.

I was told that the bus journey usually takes around 6 hours, but it reality it took us around 9 hours to reach Muscat largely because of the traffic jam that we encountered in Dubai as well as and the long “wait time” at the check post at Hatta border. So if you wish to avoid this delays that are usual for this bus journey, you have the option of flying of course, and I do believe that there are several flights to Oman from Dubai each day. If I have known this delays on the bus ride earlier, I would probably taken a flight ✈️ instead :).

Oman is situated in the Middle East, Southwest Asia bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf, between Yemen and the United Arab Emirates ( UAE🇦🇪) The center of Oman is Muscat and their currency is Omani Rial.

Like most other Middle Eastern desert States, the climate of Oman is also hot and dry, most of the year. The difference is that this coastal country has been naturally blessed with breathing scenic beauty: natural views ranging from torqouse color oceans to cocoa brown mountaintops, mangrove swamps et al. It is home to many legends, ancient structures and also ultra-modern architecture.

We stayed at the Grand Hormuz Hotel at Muscat, which is a comfortable hotel with spacious rooms. It is located near lots of small shops,and restaurants and near to a big supermarket. The hotel staff are very friendly and accommodating: the hotel provides most of what tourists need including car rental facilities with road maps and travel brochures.

View of the Hotel at night:

From Muscat we started our planned tours, first to Muttrah Corniche and then right next to it, is the Muttrah Souq. Thankfully, we bought GPs in Dubai- which proved extremely useful to us ( but hey read on 😉

Muttrah Corniche

It is a place where u can stroll with your family or friends and see the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Muttrah Souq in Muscat

This market is rich in culture and charm. It is one of the oldest markets in the Arab world because of Oman’s rich trade history. The market is filled with various stalls and shops. It’s huge in size, so much that we almost got lost inside of it! The stalls have a lot of variety of goods: From handmade jewelries, antique lights, Afghan war hats to British coins and compasses. Also you will find the natural perfume oils such as jasmine oil, chichipapa(mint scent good for colds), rose scents and Omani khanjars (the infamous handmade dagger that is emblem on the national flag). This place offers the visitors and tourists a unique shopping experience.

Even the local Restaurants are just around the corners offering traditional and local cuisines variety of great foods. We had decided earlier to have our dinner at the place called ” The Cave“, which is well known locally. They have a lot of food to choose from Arabic to American( depends on your taste buds). The concept and lay out itself is cool: it has lovely view at night. Also the parking is not a problem as there is plenty of space for all motorists.

The Cave

On the next day of our travels(which was Halloween day😅👻), we travelled about 1.5 hours by car to Bimmah Sinkhole in Hawiyat Najm Park(Meteor Fall Park). It is a sinkhole filled with water about 200 meters inland, located in north east coast of Muscat in the Dabab area of Wilayat Qurayat.

Bimmah Sinkhole

And so right alongside on the way, you will see animals like camels, goats or even donkeys😁and then there is the beautiful Dagmar Beach. As you walk around, you will find people having picnics or camping along the beach. This is the place in Oman where you can sit back, loosen up and enjoy the scenery.

Dagmar Beach

Later, the same day , after touring the very beautiful Dagmar Beach, we decided to go back to Muscat. It was already around 5pm then while on the way back, unfortunately the GPs on my car lead lead me away from my destination onto Unpaved Road.

I really started to get very nervous as we now lost in an unfamiliar territory. We didn’t know where to go exactly 😅 I wanted to contact my friends but I couldn’t find any signal on my phone. We are now truly lost and terrified as we see that the road is getting narrower, with no other cars around but then right before our eyes, we seen something so scenically beautiful, that it calm my nerves to a degree so we stopped and got down from the car to marvel at the scenic beauty and took a lot of pictures 😂😅.

Unpaved Road

After one hour of driving, we decided to go back to where we started from, thankfully we finally found our way back to Muscat. I can honestly say it was one of the scariest experiences that I have faced in all of my tours as it turned out to be the most memorable experience, as it lead me to see the striking beauty that lies within that road.

The next day of my travels- and my last day in Muscat- while waiting for our bus to take us back to Dubai, we decided to go around the city first and discover more….

Main Road of Muscat

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

We saw this Mosque on the way to the city of Muscat. It is the grand jewel of royal Omani architecture and one of the most gorgeous  mosques ever built. It is located in Bawshar on the Sultan Qaboos Highway and cannot be missed. Its a hand made Persian rugs and Swarovski crystal chandelier were both at some point considered the largest in the world. 

Mosque of the Great Prophet

We also visited this another gorgeous Mosque with a blue dome and a blue minaret with Quranic scriptures- absolutely beautiful, especially at night and a “must see” for every traveler. It is located on the Corniche of Muttrah and was originally built in the 15th century.

Al Riyam Park

We also visited the Al Riyam Park. It is a playground near the corniche and a famous, giant incense burner that you can walk up to. It is located at the old Muscat in the end of Mutrah.

Our travel to Oman is one of the most unforgettable moments of my life: beautiful and exciting!

To return back to Dubai, the buses leave Muscat at 6.20am, 3.20pm and 11.20pm and take around 50 minutes longer, on return back.

PS: If you are driving yourself be a little wary of the GPS away from the main city area, as in our experience they don’t work well!

I hope you have liked my travel blog and I look forward to seeing you again for my next adventure! God bless 🤗😘🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼