I have been overjoyed from the moment that I held you in my arms. Since that very first day when I saw your cutie patoti face and smile, cuddled upto me in a warm blanket : that moment always brightens my day. Your tiny little hands that I will hold forever. 👼🏻Your sweet angelic scent that will always remain best scent that I will ever smell . From a sweet little angel voice and now , years later, you sounds different; a teenager, (Oh no don’t grow too fast) : as your mom I will always think of you as my baby forever☺👶🏻.

I have always meant the very best for you my son . Even when I raised my voice and scolded you, it was only because that I wanted you to learn the best in life. Life doesn’t always deal the best hand to all . In my case , as a single mom , I have had no alternative but to go away from you overseas to work so that we could have a better life and you could have a good future . This took me far away from you and each day I wish that it wasn’t the case : I miss you 😘 each morning and I miss you each night – when I turn into bed after a long day . Life in itself is a big struggle and to face life alone it’s even bigger!. But I happily do it for all of us – our family – and for you my son – for your future . God has given me a role in life , and even though it’s a difficult one , I am blessed that I have you! It makes it all worthwhile knowing that I have you : My beautiful son, my angel 😇 .

No amount of work or inconvenience is enough if at the end of all my struggles I fulfill all your dreams and my desires to see you rise in life .It’s never easy to live far away from you but I am comforted in the fact that the bond that we have between us will always remain strong and unbreakable.

In life you will face many ups and downs my sweetheart , but I know that you know that I will always be there for you ; to support you spiritually and emotionally. Mama will always be on your side no matter what! You may not have the best mom in the world but I always try to be the best for you. Remember , When there are times that you feel alone or sad, away from me , just close your eyes and imagine me right besides you – hugging you – the way I used to do, and you’ll never feel alone !👶🏻❤

Be happy always and spread your wings and fly high up in the sky like the birds 🦅 ! Show everyone that u can rise and I know that you will achieve all your dreams..make yourself proud my son! Being away from you is tough – each day I miss you 😘.I am always grateful that you are my son and I can’t wait to see you. I love you very much my baby, my angel🤗😘👶🏻❤❤❤