Dubai is an amazing place to visit and everything that one sees here is so picturesque. Mostly Dubai is man made and full of glitterati which is also attractive and unique. But one of the better side of Dubai is also the natural images that it provides . It has one of the best sunsets : whilst recently at the Palm Jumeirah, the sunset caught my attention; which mesmerized me . I was stunned by this amazing beauty of nature. Sunset at the Palm is like ‘Gods painting in the sky’ … so strikingly beautiful. When I have spare time , I take a lot of pictures( yay)😅

Sunsets always remind me of my late father….During my younger days as a little girl my father and I used to sing from our window facing either the sunrise or the sunset. My father was gifted : he had amazing talents like singing, dancing : he could also play the guitar 🎸 so well, and cook like a Cordon Bleu chef. He took beautiful pictures like an acclaimed photographer .. aside from being the Chief of Police in my country. When he passed away, I could never forget the moments that we spent together : I started to chase the sunrise and the sunset to anywhere I go..

As I now look at the sunset of the Palm, I think of my beautiful childhood memories, of how much my father loved us, his warm hugs, and how much he cared for us and most of all I feel his presence all the time : I feel that even today , he is watching over us like an angel from the Skies , that he has been since the day he left us to his heavenly abode .

I will miss him always🌞☁ and this sunset reminds me of his loving 🥰 and care for all his families! I hope you like my first blog and God bless us all🤗😘❤️🙏🏼🌻

PS: I insert my lovely friends pic with the sunset 🌻